uses several
APIs to deliver more value
in LESS time.

Develop Custom Integration

Technology//APIs offers a suite of APIs which allows you to generate additional revenue. From getting you data from the entire click-to-purchase funnel to creating a visual experience like product carousels, we’ve got everything you need.

Product Search API

The Product Search API retrieves results from our centralized catalog of over 100M+ products to create visual experiences like product carousels. It applies additional filters to return content relevant to the environment of the site

Merchant Status API

The Merchant Status API allows publishers to see the status of their Merchant Center Account— which advertisers they are approved for & how much they can earn with each conversion. It helps anticipate & meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of consumers

Transaction Reporting API

The Transactional Reporting API lets you quickly look for all information associated with each of your payments. It leverages technology to help you with all data from click to the purchase funnel so you can evaluate performance.

Product Metadata API

Publishers can use the Product Metadata API to manage customization— retrieve, deploy, create, update or delete information.

Merchant Metadata API

The Merchant metadata API is a convenient way to gather information for our huge number of merchants— that may include logos, descriptions & links